Farmhouse Homeschool

Clubs/classes/workshops are offered on Thursday mornings at Farmhouse Pantry in Saranac, NY.
Farmhouse Pantry is closed to the public during clubs and classes, but the coffee shop will be open for parents. However, no one should feel obligated to purchase anything.
While there is limited space for parents to hang out during class time, and free wifi is available, please be mindful of the classes taking place.

Participants sign up at the beginning of the 6-week session (January, March, April, September, and October), committing to the full semester and paying any applicable fees.

We are currently accepting applications for:

Winter Semester 2017 (starts January 9th and ends February 16th)
Spring Semester 2017 (starts March 2nd and ends April 6th)
Spring Semester II 2017 (starts April 20th and ends May 25th)

If you are interested in facilitating a class/club/workshop (some ideas: book club/battle of the books/take a bite out of books, chorus, current events discussion club, debate team, drama, science club, nature based, visual arts, board games, writer’s workshop, physical education, etc) please submit an application here.